Warner Music in Video Deal With Hulu

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Hulu is looking more and more like a mini-Vevo competitor: after a deal with EMI, done last month before Vevo’s launch, Warner Music (not part of Vevo JV) has just announced a deal Hulu. Among the Warner labels in the deal include Atlantic Records, Rhino Records and Warner Bros. (NYSE: TWX) Records. News.com reported on the possibility of a deal earlier this morning. Release after the jump.

The first artist to be featured are Muse, including video from band’s appearance on Saturday Night Live’s Dec 19th episode as well as content from Muse’s tour at Wembley Stadium, interviews and catalog videos. In coming weeks, Hulu will also launch artist pages for Jason Mraz and for rock band Paramore, with more to be announced in 2010.

What’s happening here? Why aren’t EMI and Warner behaving and coming behind Vevo?

Reasons for Warner’s disaffection are well known: Edgar Bronfman’s famously squirrelly, to put it mildly, so that explains a lot of it. But beyond that, Warner has said it would like to super-distribute, instead of backing one horse, and that explains why it is staying out of JVs. Then Warner’s own troubles with Google-Youtube, and with Vevo being backed by YouTube, that probably made the sell of Hulu easier. EMI, meanwhile, is so unsure of its own future, with its own precarious financial/business position, it would rather just do simple distribution deals, and sit out of anything too involved. Hence its deals with both Hulu and Vevo. Of course, Hulu’s music content is but a tiny fraction of what Vevo has, but it has the behemoth audience Vevo doesn’t have yet.

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