Music Discovery Engine mufin Unveils Free Music Marketing for Up-and-Coming Artists at MIDEM Conference

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(Vocus/PRWEB ) January 26, 2010 — The proliferation of streaming audio that is available on the net has made it more and more difficult for new artists to cut through the noise and find a receptive audience without a sophisticated marketing campaign supported by a record label.

mufin offers free music marketing for artistsWith “mufin for artists”, any artist can tap the promotional power of the music discovery engine at It helps musicians and bands find new listeners by recommending their music alongside already established artists. Mufin captures the sound of each music file and encodes it with its own unique acoustic fingerprint. Tracks are recommended to each other when they share a similar sound. Consequently, mufin’s music recommendations are based solely on the music itself, resulting in greater diversity in the music that can be discovered compared with traditional music discovery applications which are based on mainstream popularity, community recommendations and subjective editorial references.

“With mufin, an up-and-coming artist can be recommended alongside Coldplay if their music has similar sound metrics. Music lovers can find music that fits their taste easier, while artists find new listeners and fans in a breeze.” says Juergen Jaron, CEO of mufin.

Already, over 7 million songs are waiting to be found on Newly discovered music can be easily shared with friends using mufin’s online playlists or its integrated widgets for Facebook and Twitter. These options opens up new viral marketing channels to artists and bands.
Following free registration on, any artist can upload their music to the music discovery engine. Artists can choose whether to offer complete tracks or just 30-second preview clips. With links to Apple’s iTunes Music Store or Amazon mufin represents an additional revenue stream for artists.

Integration with SoundCloud

With the new SoundCloud integration, “mufin for artists” now connects the music discovery engine of to online audio platform SoundCloud. Artists who have already hosted their music on SoundCloud can add their tracks to mufin directly, without additional uploads. Instead of uploading a track twice, each user can use the simple “Connect with SoundCloud” feature and let mufin access their SoundCloud tracks.

About mufin:

Mufin’s music technology is based on DSP analysis and fingerprinting, which identifies, introduces and then showcases music from all over the world for people looking for something new but specific to their tastes. With mufin’s music recommendation and recognition technology, only the sound of the song matters, not its popularity, origin or subjective grouping. Mufin empowers companies to monitor music usage and helps their customers disseminate and manage their music collections in a new way using automated playlist creation, and visual music navigation. Automatic repair actually fixes incomplete or missing meta information in digital music files. Mufin’s recommendation and recognition technologies work where your music is, whether it’s on the desktop, online or on a mobile device. mufin is a wholly owned subsidiary of MAGIX AG with its headquarter located in Berlin, Germany.

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