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Warner Music Group

Division: Atlantic Records

Position: Marketing Assistant

Locations: New York, NY


Department Description:

Responsible for developing comprehensive strategies for marketing our artists as well as coordinating all efforts (internally and with outside parties) on all projects.



Provide support to product managers in all aspects of their projects

• Communicate with artist managers daily regarding special projects and artist issues

• Write marketing proposals, plans, and project updates on a weekly basis

• Develop copy for various promotional collateral including album packaging components, sales sheets, e-cards, stickers, posters, etc.

• Plan and organize company-wide artist performances, luncheons, meetings, listening parties, and showcases

• Liaise with outside vendors and contacts to organize offsite artist events and activities, including dinners, promotional and recreational activities

• Attend events, parties, and shows to form relationships with contacts at other record labels, agencies, and entertainment companies

• Participate in work-sessions regarding all artists on the roster, to discuss current and upcoming plans in marketing and promotion, and make decisions on next steps

• Coordinate various artist projects and activities with other Atlantic departments

• Update artist calendars, timelines, schedules, and one-sheets daily

• Assist SVP of Brand Partnerships/Commercial Licensing and Senior Director of A&R/Marketing with daily activities for roster of artists

• Run Soundscan and Mediabase for internal distribution and to respective managers, agents, and outside marketing agencies

• Organize schedules for artists and artist management, and departments within Atlantic

• Interpret and report radio promotion research reports and radio feedback, and circulate weekly updates to entire company

• Act as a liaison between product managers and artist’s management

• Liaise with outside marketing and street team companies and provide tools such as posters, stickers, CDs, samplers, music

• Request

• Manage marketing department CD inventory, order artist videos, file expenses, book travel arrangements, monitor phones

• Gather assets and book advertising campaigns – tv and radio spots, print ads, snipes

• Update and maintain artist websites – including news and tour dates


Special Requirements/Preferences:

• Organizational Skills

• Interpersonal Communication Skills

• Creativity

• Task-Oriented

• Able to Multi-task

• Strong Computer Skills – Proficient in Word, Excel, Outlook, Photoshop, basic html, and the internet.

• Complete knowledge of PowerPoint and how to create marketing decks that will be sent to brand executives.

• Knowledge of Keynote is a plus

• Savvy communication skills

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