Universal Music Licenses Project Playlist

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Perhaps lengthy licensing logjams can get resolved after all.  After an impasse that lasted for roughly two years, Universal Music Group has finally licensed Project Playlist, according to details tipped by C|Net late Tuesday.  The site, now flying under the tighter moniker of Playlist.com, has been operating under the yoke of multiple major label lawsuits. 

The UMG suit has been dropped, though terms of the arrangement have been successfully kept under wraps.  “While it was unfortunate that legal action was necessary, we are pleased to have resolved this litigation in an amicable manner,” a UMG representative stated.

EMI and Warner Music Group were also party to the original filing.  EMI dropped its action in March of last year, and Sony Music Entertainment inked its own arrangement in late 2008.  At that point, Owen Van Natta was still heading the ship before an ill-fated gig at MySpace. Warner Music appears the standout.

In discussions with Digital Music News, industry executives were surprised to hear about the settlement, especially after all this time.  Perhaps enough cash was thrown at Universal, though a more hopeful version is that the mega-major is softening its stance on content licensing.

Source: DigitalMusicNews

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