Ticketfly Acquires GigBot

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The days of stale ticketing are quickly receding, thanks to upstarts like Ticketfly and Gigbot.  But emerging spaces typically witness consolidation, and Ticketfly finalized its acquisition of Gigbot this morning.  Terms of the buyout were not disclosed, though Ticketfly recently rustled a $3 million round.

These companies feature considerable overlap in their technologies.  Both tap into social networks to better reach prospective audiences, and Ticketfly plans to incorporate Gigbot’s technology to create far better fan connectivity.  That will enhance the offering with tricks like auto-tweets and lots of fan feedback and interactivity, though the broader question is whether next-gen ticketing ultimately generates more butts in seats.

Gigbot founder Sean Porter will join Ticketfly as Vice President of Product.

Source: Digital Music News

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  1. Jessie Raether

    November 8, 2011 at 8:49 am

    I have some videos that say “includes third party content” and others that say “blocked in some countries” (due to copyright).. Is it still possible for me to become a partner (considering I have all of the other requirements filled).

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