Nicki Minaj Debuts Signature MAC Lipstick

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Nicki Minaj has teamed up with M.A.C to create a limited-edition lipstick shade named after her debut album, Pink Friday. 

Nicki who has been a fan of M.A.C.  for years, told PEOPLE,

“They had no idea how much this meant to me.  I am super excited about the lipstick because I never imagined that M.A.C would even recognize me this early on in my career. For them to name the lipstick after my album makes me feel like I can do anything in the world because they are such an important brand and such an important staple in our culture.”

She added,

“I wore M.A.C to my high school prom.  For them to throw themselves behind a little rapper makes me love the company even more.”

M.A.C’s Pink Friday will be available exclusively online, for four Fridays only, beginning Nov. 26 and running through Dec. 17.

Source: HipHopWired

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