What Motivates 50 Cent to Get Rich or Die Tryin’?

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Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s upbringing in the streets of Southside Queens, NY, wasn’t easy. But it’s actually where he first picked up his keen business sense. In this exclusive online story, Jackson, one of our 40 Next, shares what (or better yet, who) motives him to succeed.

The rapper-turned-entrepreneur attributes his business acumen to his late mother, Sabrina Jackson, who hustled selling drugs to support him before she was killed.

“My initial business model [comes from] the streets, and even though the influence wasn’t positive, I understand what [my mother’s] motivation was [in] doing the hustle,” says Jackson. “A mom pregnant at 15; the option was to go on welfare or to hustle.”

After his mother’s death, an adolescent Jackson went to live with his grandparents. And although they provided a stable and legitimate household for him, he inevitably went astray (as his music catalog would later document).

“The only people I [saw] that had money to spare were people from my mom’s [street] life that had [her] same lifestyle,” he admits. “When you allow a kid to make an adult decision, nine times out of 10, they’re going to make the wrong decision.”

But eventually, Jackson would take those same hard-knock life lessons and moneymaking moves he learned from his mother, and decide to reinvent them rather than emulate them. It was for good reason.

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Source: Black Enterprise

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