4 MORE Things Intentional Interns Know

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Here at INDUSTRY PLUG, we feel that there are quite a few things that interns who are dead-set on making their time at any company count–intentional interns–know for sure. We continue with last week’s post, highlighting what we feel are the most important.

Intentional interns…

stay in the know. When working in the entertainment industry, staying current on what’s new and hot in your field is a must no matter what your position is. And knowing it before the boss can take you very far. So it’s crucial to build and keep-up a good rapport with PR professionals who can get you the news your boss can use first! When you know something that’s not yet news everywhere–or anywhere–how valuable an asset you’d be to any company.

keep expenses low. So you’ve learned about an internship where you’d get to work very close to an industry pro you’ve long admired for their career moves. There’s just this one problem: This internship isn’t a paid gig. You’ve got to eat, have somewhere to sleep, and build a wardrobe that lets you look the part of the person you’re trying to become. The solution: keep expenses low and cut anywhere you can! Got a roommate? Is there enough room for possibly another?  That’s rent split three ways! Ax the cable too. You won’t be home much anyway. If you subscribe to an Internet service provider, you can catch your must-see TV on Hulu.com for a lot less than half the price of cable. Keeping life low-cost would also allow you to work part-time hours so you have the time and energy to take that gig, and pick the brain of that brilliant industry leader whose career you’ve been following.

know a virtual internship can be as valuable as a brick and mortar one. We live in a world where social media is essential for the success of any business now. That means mastering it is essential to your success too. Twitter and Facebook are social media platforms that are more than likely included in the job description of a virtual internship. Plus, many of your virtual internships are start-up companies. Your ideas are more likely to be heard with a start-up versus a major company. The chances of shaping and attaching your name to the success of the business is greater, and this puts you on the fast-track to a virtual C-suite!

know all good things come to an end. Internships will not only end, they don’t usually last  very long. So when you do score that dream opportunity, you’ve got to hit the ground running. You can’t be afraid to stand out, speak-up and be seen. For the best interns are remembered.

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