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Stories of brilliance born behind dorm room doors are the stories we love because they defy standards. Sometimes all a person needs to make dreams a reality, they already posses, and well before receiving their diploma. There isn’t any one path to doing what you do well. A little genius paired with a commitment to hustle—and all that that may entail—is all it takes to open doors, get noticed, and execute your ideas. This is exactly how the company, By Any Means, a multi-media company, came to be. Founded by Aristotle Torres, who’s worked with artists like Fabolous, Rick Ross, and Ludacris, By Any Means was built on the sole principal that they don’t just shoot videos, design album covers or take photos, but rather create art.

Today, Aristotle sits down with INDUSTRY PLUG to dish on more details about his company.

Tell us about your company, By Any Means, and the services you offer.

By Any Means is a multi-media company where we specialize in creative consultation. But what makes us different is that we offer a plan as well as the tools to execute that plan.

How did you get started with your business?

I started it in my college dorm room at St John University and initially we were an artist development company. Sometimes we couldn’t afford to outsource photographers and videographers, so we decided to build a team working towards one goal.

What made you start this type of business?

The same thing that pushed us to build a team; working on developing artists while keeping our vision intact. Sometimes when you pull in a bunch of different creative people, the consistency is compromised.

Who have been some of your clients?

The Roots, Busta Rhymes, My Darkest Days, Fabolous, The Clipse, Rick Ross, J. Cole, Ludacris and Jim Jones.

What makes By Any Means different from other production companies?

We conceptualize, produce, and execute an entire plan. We also handle all creative from A to Z, and the promotion of the content if needed.

What are some key techniques or strategies to expanding your business?

Staying true to our vision and brand by providing a “consistency of quality,” and we never take on projects that we feel aren’t conducive to our vision as a company. Another phrase we live by is “We don’t shoot videos, design album covers or take photos. We create art.” We believe that by treating all of our work as art we never pigeon hole ourselves and are always open to expansion and reinvention.

Do you have any pointers for young entrepreneurs?

Hone your craft and study not only the people who have had success in your particular field, but also those who have failed so you can learn from their mistakes.

What’s next for By Any Means? Are there any new projects on the horizon?

We just launched our music division with our first artists Feev. He is the featured artist of the month on the newly re-launched We are also negotiating with some substantial clothing lines to release some limited edition collaborative pieces, and we hope to expand into television by the end of the year.

FABOLOUS “You Be Killin Em” Video, Produced by By Any Means

Fabolous | “You Be Killin Em” (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

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    Great article, cool company!


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    Great article!

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    February 23, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    I’m a fan of these guys. Here’s my fav B.A.M. video, Christian Rich ‘Famous Girl’:

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