4 Reasons to Value Virtual Internships

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Kind of iffy on the whole virtual internship thing? Stumbled across an attractive telecommuting opportunity, but aren’t sure if interning online will take you where you’re trying to go? Don’t think employers will take your virtual internship seriously? These four tips will help ease and change your mind.

Work for top companies and brands without relocating to another city. This being the digital age, hearing of someone living in the Southwest, while working for a company based on the East Coast will be just as normal as saying “I’ve got to be at work early in the AM.”  Moving to a big city to intern–even just temporarily–can be very expensive.  With many internships only offering college credit, relocating can be close to financially impossible for a  student. However, a virtual internship will still give you the opportunity to make important connections, and gain valuable experience while you hold a job.

Learn from top multi-media mavens. If you’ve got above average digital dreams, a virtual internship will help you hone the technical skills you’ll  need to launch your  own online empire.  You’ll also pick-up important tips from people who’ve already done it.

You can take on more than one internship more often. Internships no longer have to be reserved for summers off.  The more internships you take on, the more experience you gain.  This will also give you a greater edge on the competition when it comes to landing a full-time job.  Lauren Berger, also known as The Intern Queen, took on as many as 15 internships during her college years, and she did even better than a full-time job; she made interning her business!  Lauren now works for herself speaking to high school and college students across the country on the importance of interning, and she helps to ensure students score the best possible opportunities they can.

Mostly, you’re the boss! You’ll pretty much manage yourself most of the time. No one will be there to hover and make sure you’re working, where you’re working, or how long you work.  If you’re not easily distracted, can stay focused and self-manage well, interning from home–or your dorm– could be one of the best things you decide to do.

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