iPROFILE: Creative Mastermind of Dee and Ricky, Mickal MaCraig Stubblefield

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There are times when an artist and his work cannot be defined.  Sometimes mere words just won’t do to describe an artist’s talent.  Other times, it’s best to leave it up to the artist to put a name on what it is that he does. So you won’t see questions like ‘Name one word that describes you?’ in this conversation. When it comes to creative master mind, Mickal MaCraig Stubblefield, from Dee and Ricky, whose work has been paraded down the runways of Marc Jacobs, and can boast the design of a G-Shock bestseller, it’s best to let him tell you who he is. And INDUSTRY PLUG let’s him do just that.

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Name: Mickal MaCraig Stubblefield, commonly known as “Mister Mikey”

Job Title: I am a creator. There is no title that fully encompasses my capabilities, but in this industry I have the label of Director of Art & Design. I am an aesthetics advisor, graphics guru, and visionary virtuoso.

What is your passion?

Hmm, definitely not fashion. I’m not really compelled by mere passions or ambitions. My driving force proceeds from my intention to be a living example of the boundless abundance of the universe and the infinite potential to create excellence.

How did you get started?

Based on my reputation of being a creative individual, I was given the opportunity in 2006 by Marc Ecko Enterprises to become a graphic designer.

What pays the bills?

Currently, creating graphics, logos, product and package design; things of that nature.

Who or what influences you?

Mary Jane. She’s my main thing.

What has been your biggest success to date?

That’s difficult to say, but participating in the direction and execution of one of the best-selling and most sought after watches to date, the Dee and Ricky G-Shock, was a pretty big deal.

Who is your dream client or project?

He has transcended the physical realm, but I would have liked to have designed for Michael Jackson. My dream project, more of an intention rather, is to establish an institution of artists, scholars, and scientists.

What advice would you give to someone hoping to break into your field?

First, you must eliminate all doubts and deem yourself worthy; confidence not arrogance. Then, it’s necessary to study and refine your skills; practice. Third, establish yourself as a brand and promote yourself as often as possible without being a nuisance.

Who do you think “has next” in the realms of media, music and fashion?

Media, I’d have to say my girlfriend, Trea Berry. Every time we are out in a place where there are children or babies around they stare at her with this mystified look of astonishment. I think that they have an innate quality to sense greatness. Actually, I’ve witnessed adults give her that same look. She has a way about her that lights up a room. Check out her blog mmmberrygood.com.

Music, I have to go with my homie Lee Wilkie and his music partner Slim Willy, collectively known as Ferrari Snowday. I was given the opportunity to style their latest music video for their hit single “Time of Your Life.” Check it on their site ferrarisnowdaymusic.com.

Fashion, well they are more “now” than “next”, but my homies Dee and Ricky who really need no introduction have the attention of the whole industry, deeandricky.com. One of my brothers, Mikhayel Tesfaye, is doing it big with his new line of footwear called Passport passportadv.com. Also, an associate whom I just recently met, Bernard James, is a young, talented, up and coming designe bernardjames.us.

To keep up with what’s current with Mickal, check him out at his websites:

Mister Mickey

Dee and Ricky

Photo By: Keith Selby

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  1. Mister Mikey

    March 24, 2011 at 3:26 am

    Thanks to Industry Plug for the opportunity to share who I am with the internets.

  2. Mister Mikey

    March 24, 2011 at 3:30 am

    BTW, to whom it may concern, http://mistermikeyandi.wordpress.com is the link to keep up to speed.

  3. iPlug Staff

    March 27, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    Thank’s for letting us profile you Mister Mikey! #Inspired

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