Jay-Z To Open 40/40 Club In Brooklyn’s New Barclay’s Center

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Rap mogul Jay-Z is expanding his 40/40 Club in New York, inside of the Brooklyn Nets’ arena.

Jay-Z announced today that the 9,000 square-foot restaurant will open inside of the Barclay’s Center.

The 40/40 Club at Barclay’s will only be accessible to ticket-holders during a variety of events that will take place inside of Barclay’s Center.

The new venue will also only be open when there is a concert or sporting event at the Barclay’s Center, according to reports.

The new 40/40 Club in the Barclay’s Center is scheduled to open on September 28.

Jay-Z also has a deal with the Delaware North Corporation, to bring his 40/40 Club to airports around the country.

Source: Allhiphop

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