Nas Launches Lifestyle Website “12 Society”

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The age of social media has allowed fans to develop a ‘personal’ connection with their favorite celebrities. In an effort to continue that connection, many celebrities, such as Nas, are allowing fans to experience their own lifestyles with new gadgets, products, and websites.

On Tuesday (June 12), he premiered his own lifestyle website titled,12 Society. Working in conjunction with other notables such as Nick Cannon, NBA players, Kevin Love and Blake Griffin, 12 Society lets fans of the Don experience a lifestyle that he describes as an extension of his music.

“It comes from music, it comes from me talking about certain kicks and sneakers I might like,” Nas told MTV News. “With 12 Society you don’t have to just listen to me talk about a certain shirt, you’ll get that. You’ll get that delivered to you.”

While 12 Society is a subscription-based website, membership is affordable for the average consumer. For $39 a month members will receive a shipment of items every month valued at minimum of $125.

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