The Evolution Of Absolut Vodka’s Advertising Strategy

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In 2012, Absolut worked with the electric dance music trio Swedish House Mafia to create what would become an incredibly popular music video that, over two years later, has racked up more than 41 million views on YouTube. Despite the numbers, though, the vodka giant doesn’t consider the campaign a branding slam dunk.

By some metrics, the Absolut Greyhound marketing effort worked. “It became an extremely exciting, vibrant, fun, premium, cool content,” Jonas Tåhlin, Absolut’s VP of Global Marketing told Fast Company. “It became a social media smash hit.”

To call it a failure would be too harsh, he added. “I would never say that,” he said. “I would say I don’t think we were particularly insightful around it. It’s just cool. It doesn’t tell you about the brand.”

Absolut did, however, think about its brand when putting together the ad, an evolution of its longstanding collaboration with musicians and artists. The vodka took off in the U.S. thanks to its presence in New York’s Studio 54 back in the ’80s. There, the now-iconic bottle caught the attention of Andy Warhol, who created the first of many commissioned Absolut artworks in 1986.

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Source: Fast Company

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