Russell Simmons’ ADD52 Partners with Samsung to Develop New Artists

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Music veterans Russell Simmons and Steve Rifkind are partnering with the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer to help develop new artists.

Russell Simmons, Steve Rifkind, Brian Robbins Launch All Def Music Label Through Universal

ADD52, the A&R platform of Simmons, Rifkind and film director/producer Brian Robbins’ All Def Music, has partnered with Samsung to release a single a week through Milk Music, the digital music service available on the company’s Galaxy mobile devices.

Launched in March, ADD52 is a platform for finding and developing artists. The “52” in the title refers to the 52 singles that will be released — one per week, over the course of a year. The singles are culled from thousands of artist submissions at Popular tracks separate themselves from the others based on the number of streams, likes and shares.

A select few singles will results in a deal with Universal Music Group. ADD52 can sign its artists to contracts with any label in the Universal family. Rifkind says they hope three singles will turn into superstars and five will be “really great talent.” ADD52 can help locate studio talent, too.

“It leaves the door open where we can find the next Pharrell,” he says.

Although Samsung doesn’t have Apple’s reputation as a music-focused company, it has made some inroads. Last year it gave away 1 million copies of Jay Z’s album “Magna Carta…Holy Grail” album. In March, Samsung launched Milk Music, an ad-free radio service powered by Slacker.

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Source: Billboard

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