Chadwick Boseman Covers Billboard Magazine With Mick Jagger

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It looks like Chadwick Boseman’s role as James Brown in the upcoming biopic, Get On Up has landed him a pretty sweet Billboard Magazine cover, but what’s even sweeter is that he is sharing it with the legendary rocker, Mick Jagger.

The Tate Taylor-directed and Mick Jagger-produced film is due in theaters on August 1 and is already a smash hits with music lovers and critics alike.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Mick, you knew James Brown. What was he like as a person and artist?

Jagger: He was always so very nice to me, polite to me, respectful. Even when I was very young, he didn’t treat me like I was a whippersnapper. He always was encouraging to me. I watched him a lot, and I think he inspired me and I learned a lot from him. Not like doing imitations but just learning his general attitudes and the way he worked. I’ll always admire him for what he did.

Chadwick, unlike Mick, you didn’t know James Brown. But what was your experience with him prior to this movie?

Boseman: I don’t ever remember there not being a James Brown in my life. I was probably listening to James Brown in the crib [Boseman grew up in South Carolina]. My aunt listened to him. My mom and dad. There was always James Brown all day.

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