MYX Fusions Moscato Debuts New Flavor!

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If you are a lover of MYX Fusions Moscato and a lover of fruit, then this news is definitely for you. In new packaging (double the size of original MYX Fusions bottles), the brand has debuted their mango flavor which was voted for by fans of the brand making this product just a tad bit sweeter. The brand’s CMO, Mona Scott-Young said the following regarding the new flavor and packing: “MYX has done so well because people truly enjoy the product and simply want more of it. By doubling the size and offering a new flavor, we are meeting demand and hopefully deepening consumer loyalty. We’re very excited about the introduction of Mango. It’s delicious and we’re eager to see how consumers respond to it.” Nicki Minaj, who is the spokesperson and co-owner of the brand also expressed her excitement for the new flavor considering that mangoes are one of her favorite tropical fruits. To find out more about this Myx Fusions product and more, check here! IndustryPlug MYX Mango 375mL SOURCE: MYX Fusions Moscato

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