Atlantic Records: Publicity Assistant (NY)

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With its broad roster of new stars and legendary artists, Warner Music Group is home to a collection of the best-known record labels in the music industry including Asylum, Atlantic, Cordless, East West, Elektra, Nonesuch, Reprise, Rhino, Roadrunner, Rykodisc, Sire, Warner Bros. and Word, as well as Warner/Chappell Music, one of the world’s leading music publishers, with a catalog of more than one million copyrights worldwide.Department Description: The Publicity Department works to maximize media coverage and, in turn, raise the overall profile of the artists on Atlantic and its affiliates. This is accomplished not only by utilizing established avenues, but, perhaps more importantly, through discovering and developing new outlets to increase our artists’ visibility to the consumer. In addition, the department is responsible for maintaining up to date photos and bios on all active artists, drafting and issuing official media releases to the media and the company, the planning and execution of special events, interaction with and planning for certain industry awards and award shows, and the purchasing of all artist birthday gifts.

High Level Job Description: Assisting publicists with daily requests/projects in the field of publicity, including writing/editing press releases and bios, coordinating production of press images, coordinating materials for National and local television performances.

Detailed Job Description/ Responsibilities:

  • Arranging travel for artists and publicists
  • Accommodating artists (birthday gifts, in-office itineraries, etc)
  • Coordinating phone interviews between writers and artists – scheduling and executing
  • Preparing press release when time appropriate
  • Preparing and shipping press kits to various media outlets/publications
  • Administering POs SAP and assisting with expenses
  • Processing vendor invoices
  • Maintain up-to-date digital press clips for each artist
  • Secure online coverage when appropriate
  • Coordinating various approval processes with artist managers
  • Circulating current press materials to the entire company including TV performance links, press images, bio, press release, etc.
  • Coordinate artist press lunches, media coaching, etc.
  • Entering and updating press contacts in Filemaker database
  • Assisting at Atlantic sponsored press events including award shows, red carpet, etc.
  • Creating and sending out press kits
  • Heavy phone duty
  • Helping to coordinate photo shoots, television spots, artist phone interviews
  • Updating artist websites with national press
  • Produce and write press releases after consulting artist’s product manager
  • Coordinating travel/payment/direction/etc with artist stylist for TV performances, photo shoots, appearances, etc.
  • Oversee hiring and activity of publicity interns
  • Oversee and maintain departmental organization (magazines, newspapers, shared drive, etc.)
  • Spearhead and execute press mailings, ordering of CDs, distribution of music videos to television/magazine shows such as E! News, Access Hollywood, Extra,etc.
  • Maintain current press materials on Atlantic Records press site
  • Compiling and writing artist itineraries
  • Create and maintain strong/positive relationships with writers, TV bookers, artists, and managers.
  • Departmental duties – distributing press releases and bios to the company.
  • Obtaining tour/online press for various artists.
  • Coordinate production of press images (retouching, 8×10 glossies, etc.)
  • Planning and executing successful blogger/media events for artists (includes securing a venue, ordering food, drinks, photographer, décor, etc.)
  • Serve as frontline and representation for VP & Sr. Director, Publicity and overseeing their rosters
  • Researching press news and industry trades for artist/label mentions and industry news which are then compiled and distributed to the publicity department
  • Maintain organization during high-pressure situations and projects
  • Work cohesively with other departments on a daily basis
  • Hiring photographers for b-roll images and video on music video sets
  • Send digital album streams for writers upon request
  • Send press materials (image, bio, album art, press release) to writers upon request for editorial pieces
  • Scan and distribute artist features/mentions/etc in magazines & newspapers for publicist to distribute
  • Compile end of year, end of project press books for artists, manager, executives.

Required Competencies/Skills:

  • This position requires strong organizational skills, the ability to prioritize while multi-tasking, communicational skills, and a passion for the music industry.

Special Requirements/Preferences:

  • Previous job experience is crucial. See below

Education Required: At least 4 years of college experience should be required for this position. Prior work experience, preferably in an administrative assistant position and/or PR firm is also recommended. In addition, internship experience at a record label is also suggested. This position is high-intensity and requires a lot of organizational skills. Being comfortable with phones and prioritizing is essential. Therefore, having experience in a position incorporating these skills is crucial. In addition to organizational skills, communicational skills are a must. This is why working in a PR firm is beneficial. In this position, you communicate with many different people in, as well as out of the company and you must be comfortable speaking with them.

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