Nubian Skin Offers Women of Color Options

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Just a few months after high fashion shoe designer Christian Louboutin announced his line of “nude” shoes for every skin tone ranging from peach to a deep, chocolaty brown, the undergarment line, Nubian Skin has surfaced changing the face of lingerie forever.

For years it’s been difficult for women of color to find undergarments that match their skin tone perfectly. It seemed as though the deeper the skin tone, the less likely one would be to find bras, underwear and even hosiery to work for them, but now with the soon-to-be launch of Nubian Skin, all of that has changed.

The line will launch with bras sized from 30B to 36DD/E which is a relief for women that often struggle to find comfortable bras in retail stores and will ship globally starting in October.

To learn more about the line that is changing the face of fashion one day at a time click here!



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