‘On The Run’ HBO Special Ratings Disappoint

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Last Saturday, Jay Z and Beyonce’s On The Run Tour Special aired on HBO and was expecting huge ratings. Unfortunately, the duo didn’t live up to expectations.

The music special pulled in 880,000 viewers. Now, to put this in perspective, Lady Gaga’s HBO special pulled in 1.2 million viewers two years ago and Justin Timberlake’s HBO special pulled in 1.1 million viewers when it aired in 2007.

Although there was an amazing amount of promotion around the show and despite the fact that The Carters have a huge audience, many are seeing the special as a failure and maybe as an indication that the duo has oversaturated the public. Only time will tell if that sentiment is correct, but for the time being one thing is clear and that is that the show was spectacular.


SOURCE: MadameNoire.com

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