9 Bulletproof Ways To Get Ahead in Your Career (via Life Hack)

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Most of us have been there. You’re at a job, and feeling stagnant in your career and/or role within a company. How do you get ahead? LifeHack has some great pointers. Article at the jump.

With so much competition in today’s workforce, it can be tough to get ahead. Whether you’re in journalism, business, engineering or sciences, there are going to be thousands of people who share the same skill set as you. Let’s say you just got hired into a new graduate program at a large company and my cohort was made up of 25 people. How does one go about differentiating themselves from everyone else, when it comes time for a promotion after one to two years? What about when you are two other colleagues are vying for the same position five years later? What is going to set you apart from everyone else and help you get those lucrative opportunities?

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Source: Life hack

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