Jay-Z Makes $56 Million Bid for Scandinavian Music Streaming Company Aspiro

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Jay-Z is looking to do it again! The rapper and business mogul has made a $56 Million dollar bid to purchase Scandinavian company Aspiro. Aspiro is a media technology company that streams music through subscription. The company is said to be similar to  Spotify, and should the deal officially close, may become it’s ultimate competitor.

Jay Z and his companies see the move to Net streaming of music and video as something listeners want — and a way to promote artists’ music, says Peter Globokar, managing director of mergers & acquisition advisory firm Mooreland Partners, which is advising Aspiro.

The move fits with Aspiro’s need to continue its international expansion, he said in a statement. “While the offer is in its early days, once completed it will likely lift Aspiro and its advanced music streaming service to a new level,” Globokar said.

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  2. Javi

    December 8, 2015 at 12:38 am

    I echo, Dominic, go for it. Read it. If it bombs (which I doubt), everyone will walk out and go home. And if it is a ronuisg success, you may just convince people to … well, walk out and go home for a quiet night in … unless of course you can convince the place to change their name for the rest of the night to The Quiet Night Inn. There you have it, a pun, the lowest form of humor … or so they say.On a serious note, the poem works nicely, Niamh. Go ahead and read it, and do so with your hair all “tangled and crude” so you can have the best of both a night in and a night out.

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